Carmen Electra Timeline
-April 20th - Tara Leigh Patrick is born in Cincinatti Ohio to parents Harry and Patricia. She's considerably younger than her 5 siblings (4 brothers and 1 sister).
1977 5-year-old Tara -Tara's mother enrolls her in her very first dance class.

-April 20th - Tara turns 5!

1981 -April 20th - Tara turns 9!

Tara has her first kiss: "It wasn't a real, grown-up type of kiss, but it was my first and I was very nervous. I had a big crush on this boy called Greg Watson — he was a cool guy in our school. We would meet after school, over by my house. We'd sit around and not really say much — we liked each other but we just didn't know what to say. And I remember him saying, "When I give you this certain look, that means I want a kiss." so I went for it and kissed him. I was so excited, I told all my friends."

1988 -Tara transfers to the regular public school, Princeton High, after becoming bored with the arts.

-April 20th - Tara turns 16!

1990 -April 20th - Tara turns 18!

It's Magic!-Spring - Joins the cast of "It's Magic" at Cincinatti's King's Island amusement park.

-June - Graduates from high school.

-Autumn - Durring a trip to Los Angeles, Tara has a chance encounter with a talent agent scouting for Prince. That very evening she is invited to meet Prince and is given the opportunity to audition.

1991 -After waiting for what felt like eternity, Tara finally recieved a call from Prince inviting her to come to Minneapollis and make a record, which she accepts.

-April 20th - Tara turns 19!

-Prince decides that "Tara Patrick" is too ordinary of a name, plus there was another artist with the name Tara at the time. After being inspired by "Carmen Jones" they decide she will go by the single name "Carmen".

1992 -April 20th - Carmen turns 20!

- July - Carmens first single, Gogo Dancer is released.

Carmen tours with Prince for the european leg of his Diamonds and Pearls tour.


Carmen Electra-February - Carmen's debut album "Carmen Electra" is finally released.

-April 20th - Carmen turns 21!

1994 Carmen and B-Real-Carmen begins a long relationship with rapper B-Real of Cypress Hill.

-April 20th - Carmen turns 22!

Carmen stars in a live show called Glam Slam Ullyses, which is put together by Prince.

1995 -April 20th - Carmen turns 23!

-Carmen gets a boob job after removing a fibrosis breast lump.

1996 -April 20th - Carmen turns 24!

Baywatch Nights-April 27th - Carmen plays the naughty drug pusher, Candy, on Baywatch Nights in an eppisode called "Epilogue". To my knowledge, this is her first television acting role.

Saturday Night Special-Carmen gathers up some friends to form a dance troop on Rosanne's sketch comedy "Saturday Night Special".

tlpb1.gif - 3212 Bytes-May - Carmen appears in her very first Celebrity Pictorial for Playboy Magazine.

-September - Carmen has a tiny costarring role in "An American Vampire Story". The movie isn't released until 2001, and her face and name are plastered all over the box.

September - Carmen begins filming a series called "Models By Day" which never sees the light of day.

-Carmen shoots her first starring role in Troma's "Chosen One: Legend of the Raven." This movie is shelved until after she becomes a household name.


-February - Carmen replaces Jenny McCarthy on MTV's Singled Out. To this day she still refers to this as her biggest break in the biz.

-March - Appears on the cover of "Femme Fatales" which announces London Nights plans for a longtime partnership with Carmen developing her "Embrace" comic book character. (Thankfully she landed Singled Out and did not have to follow this path.)

-April 20th - Carmen turns 25, but totals her Mazda Miata that very day. Thankfully she wasn't hurt!

-Carmen signs a development contract with MTV, promising her her very own series on the WB.

-Goodburger, Carmen's first real feature film is released.

Lani Mackenzie-September- Carmen premiers on Baywatch as the new rooki, Lani Mackenzie.

AOL-September- Carmen signs a deal with AOL launching her very own website including pictures, answering machine messages, her personal diary entries and an hourlong weekly Sunday night chat session with her fans.

-September- Appears on the cover of YM magazine.

-September - Carmen appears on the cover of a new magazine called Maxim.


Dennis Rodman-February- Carmen breaks up with B-Real.

-February - Carmen meets Dennis Rodman at Bilboard Live, an LA nightclub.

-April 20th - Carmen turns 26!

-August 8th - Carmen's sister, Debbie, dies of a fatal heart attack at age 41.

-August 18th - Carmen's mother, Patricia, dies after a long battle with brain cancer.

-August - Carmen films a movie called "Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human", which she does a spectacular job on.

Worst Dressed List-September - Carmen appears on the cover of People magazine as an example of the years worst dressed celebrities.

-November 14th - Carmen marries Dennis Rodman in Las Vegas, after his spur of the moment proposal.

-November 16th - Dwight Manley releases a press statement claiming Dennis was drunk and that Carmen manipulated him into mariage. This false statement eventually gets Manley fired.

-November 17th - Carmen's publicists releases a statement, which Dennis signs, stating that he's in love with Carmen and proud to be married to her.

-November 18th - Carmen and Dennis mutually decide that the best thing to do is file for an annulment. It gets filed under Dennis' name which causes confusion in the media and makes Carmen look bad again.


Hyperion Bay-February - The WB misplaces Carmen in the midseason revamp of Hyperion Bay, where she plays an "Amanda from Melrose" type of character.

tlring.gif - 3302 Bytes-February - Durring Carmens string of press for Hyperion Bay, she claims that her and Dennis are still married, showing off the huge diamond and platinum "wedding ring" that she wears on her middle finger. This confuses us even more because they DID file for an annulment back in November.

-April 6th - Carmen files for divorce from Dennis, citing irreconcilable differences.

-April 20th - Carmen turns 27!

Fred Durst-Summer - Carmen dates Limp Bizkits' front man, Fred Durst, for a brief period of time.

Candies Perfume-August - Carmen and Dennis appear in a sexy campaign for Candies perfume.

-August - Carmen films Vacanza Di Natale, which is never seen in the US.

-September - Carmen films Scary Movie

-November 5th - Carmen and Dennis are arrested for domestic battery after a loud spat in a Miami hotel room. Ordered to stay at least 500 feet appart.


Carmen films the movies Perfume and Get Over It

-April - Carmen announces plans for a new weekly syndicated series called Electra's Guy, where she plays a fembot who flies jets and disassembles bombs. This series was never picked up, however.

-April 20th - Carmen turns 28!

Scary Movie-July 7th - Scary movie opens up in US theaters, breaking several records including highest grossing movie in Mirimax/Dimension history as well as highest grossing R-rated movie in a single weekend.

-September - Carmen hosts VH-1's special "100 Greatest Hard Rockers of All Time".

-December - Carmen completes the movies Soll Goode and Higher Joe.

-December - Carmen appears on the cover of Playboy, which included her second pictorial.


Dave and Carmen-March 7th - Carmen reveals she's dating Dave Navarro of Janes Addiction on the Howard Stern radio program. The weekend after, the two of them make their first public appearance together at Janet Jackson's MTV tribute.

-April 20th - Carmen turns 29!

World Music Awards-May 4th - Carmen shares the hosting duties with Sisqo for the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo.

UFC-June 28th - The UFC announces that Carmen Electra is their new spokesperson.

-June 29th - Carmen reveals on The View that her and Dennis are no longer friends. (Thank God!)

-July 16th - Carmen's publicists officially announce her plans for the Vegas show Lumiere, which begins in early 2002 with her doing an ass kicking amount of 12 shows per week!

-August 10th - Dave and Carmen become engaged!

2002 -


-May - Carmen becomes the spokesperson for Maxim Haircolor for Men.

-July - Carmen is a regular judge on Fox Family Networks, Dance Fever.

November - Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease is released on DVD.

November 22nd- Carmen and Dave get married!


January 21st - Thier reality series, 'Til Death Do Us Part debuts on MTV.

March 5th - Starsky & Hutch opens in US theaters.

July - Dave and Carmen get matching tattoo's of their wedding date.

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